Malta Gastronomy

Just as these Maltese islands assimilated the languages, cultures and gastronomy of millennia of occupiers – Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, French, Aragon Kings and Knights of St. John – so too have these resilient people refined and redefined culinary traditions – from simple peasant fare to avant-garde international cuisine – with sun-drenched indigenous flavours and flair.



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Wine Tasting

Our bespoke VIP Wine Tasting Tours are individually tailored to the palate of each intimate group;  from private, chauffeured carriage to carefully selected, award-winning Maltese wineries, centuries-old cellars or sun-drenched Mediterranean vineyards, where your group’s experience is attended to personally by a vintner or sommelier and catered exquisitely to complement the theme of your event.



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Historical Tours

Stand very still on a sultry, sun-baked afternoon near one of Malta’s ancient temples. You can almost hear the sounds of their builders, and – keep listening – the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, knights, saints, and others – maybe even you – who followed and went on to change the world. These tours tell those stories.



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Photography Tours

HG Travel Photography Tours expose you to the stunning Maltese archipelago through the expert lens of our veteran professional photographer and guide. These Mediterranean islands are as rugged and windswept as their people are warm and welcoming – their limestone cliffs and coarse sand beaches, weathered by time and Saharan winds, and framed by an azure blue sea.



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Architectural Tours

Ancient dry-stone rubble walls (ħajt tas-sejjieħ in Maltese) pattern these windswept Mediterranean islands like threads in a five-thousand-year-old tapestry. Malta’s inhabited history has been woven at the hands of megalithic temple builders; faith that inspired more than three hundred grand Baroque, neo-Gothic churches; and the vision of Art Deco, Futurist Italian, Art Nouveau and contemporary architects.



Image provided by: Malta Tourism Authority
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Scuba Diving Tours

The world-renowned crystal clear, azure blue waters hugging Malta’s rugged Mediterranean coastline are home to more than two hundred dive sites, from underwater coral gardens to the wonder of mythical Calypso Cave. Beginners can explore Gozo’s Inland Sea from shore; the arches and gullies of Fortizza Reef and the HMS Maori wreck by boat.



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Trekking Tours

Minutes beyond Malta’s modern-day metropolis, the archipelago’s rugged hills, coralline coastline and panoramic island-to-island vistas whisper to wanderers. Trek the history and mystery of Neolithic temples, mythical caves and medieval fortifications. Trace the steps of knights, kings, emperors and saints. Taste salt air, tickle honey-coloured sand, and find yourself here – alone, together, or both.



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